nails DIY : crackling nails

July 07, 2012

seeing lotsa bloggers blogging on ways to DIY their own nails makes me want to share about my recent love , my DIY nails !!
loving mint colour recently everything i bought is mint in colour , if they have it in this colour la
this picha i took before i went to klcc which i blogged in the previous post

maybe it is too far , so here is a clearer view of my fingers , which i love , and kept getting compliments on =D

now , crackling nails ( what the pattern is called ) is on the rage !!
why ???

because it's really nice and is soooo easy to do , you can even do it yourself !!
it'll look like you did it in a salon too 
nice eh ??
what you need is a crackling nail polish , which comes in alot of different colours
i chose white , which i can use it with different other base colour =D
why am i so clever one ??

the first one is the base colour , middle one is my crackling coat and the third one is my top coat
they come together in a pack , which is sold at sasa outlets nationwide !!
the brand is arezia
in case you wanna go and buy it
why i so nice one ??

the instructions is all on the plastic packet
but okla , just to show that i'm a not-bad-blogger i'll just mention it here lol
step 1 : put on the base coat ( any colour will do ! )
step 2 : wait for your base coat to dry 100% then put on the crackling coat
step 3 : wait for the crackling coat to dry then put on the top coat

the colours can last for more than one week leh , and still counting !
i'm sure two weeks is also no problemo seeing it is all still so nice , no chips =D

ending with a selca pic of my beeyoutiful nails =DD
cheers ,

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  1. Nice nail tutorial! my nail is not that pretty I can't do much pretty manicure.. :(

  2. So pretty ^^ my nails are short so I give up nail art already :p

  3. lol. i love nail art but i hate to keep my nails. lol :-P

  4. ginny , i thought everyone's nails are the same ??? @.@ maybe yours is too fragile ?? should buy those strongthen nails thingy
    fion , short nails should put those sharp colours =D supa nice one !!
    nicole , haha same like my friend heehee =)