Dear abondoned blog

July 23, 2012

Lol title says it all !! Dear abondoned blog , how are you ? Have you been tracking my traffic properly ? Have I increase any followers yet ? Lol okok I know this is too much ! How can I increase my traffic and my followers if I no update my blog ?! I'm so so sorry oh loyal blog , well I've gotten myself an iPhone that's why I haven't been updating you (´・_・`) I've been busy downloading apps and was too caught up with this new phone I'M SOOOO SORRY !!!!!!! Forgive me ? I'm even blogging with my iPhone now , YES ! How to not get addicted to it ??! I'm now an instagramer with an ID name charisngui ( lol as creative with my user name as always ) , plays diamond dash and is no. 16 in all my friends list , a manga reader ( lol I'm still 18 what ) , and also a gifboomer *\(^o^)/* what have I been missing all this time ??! Below is practically everything for the past weeks lol it's not a lot la but at least it's an update right ? P/ S I'll try to update more often and I know I will seeing I have my iPhone with me !! iPhone wan Sui !!!!!!!!!

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  1. I want iPhone too! But so scare it will be absolutely addictive to me, I'm already hooked onto my iPad. If got iPhone, scare I can't study anymore haha...

  2. hahhaa i never study one so its okay lolol xp