mid week update

July 11, 2012

woke up from my nap with a ridiculous foul mood #ihavenoidea why ,
damn you , female hormones !!
so , i decided to blog some pichas i took this week to cheer me up and of course relieve my readers from cursing me for not updating my blog =D
went to the campus's restaurant for lunch someday this week
lol not going to say when just in case some nut case stalker reads and shows up in places i went before and ask for cutleries i used god knows what he's going to do when he sees me in real life

ok paranoia level too high lol
but what if it's real ???!!!!!!

shut up woman and get on with your blog !!

okok !!!
this iz ze menu for the meal

then came my appetizer - tomato bruschetta
where it is mushroom in bolognese sauce paste on french toast

admired the surrounding while waiting for my main course to arrive
#wth never realize my campus looks so nice before one !!

professional cutery settings
where you use the ones outside first then the ones inside for main course
the fork on top is for desserts *slurps

tadah here's my chicken mushroom ragout with homemade pasta
and you get to ask for more mushroom sauce !! yumsss

the main focus of the meal !!
#wth i always look forward to their desserts one because its always so nice !!
read here for my previous visit to the campus's restaurant to see what they did the last time !
the awesome lemon meringue pie !!!
i even scrap the chocolate and strawberry jam clean lolol me is love dessert very very much =D

gave supa high comments for them =D
ok la service not up to my standard yet so continue with da good work !!
feel like a teacher giving comments tim heh heh

okay here is the second part where i tweeted that i wanna do a outfit-of-the-week thingy again
the last one was here

blur view from the room haha mirror too dusty liaw

main focus of the outfit is my lace pants =D
added girly points to my outfit !!

next day i wore floral sleeveless shirt with leggings
THAT IS NOT MY TUMMY it is my pelvic bones alright ? i have huge bones D=

went to class at 8am #wth then found out my college mate wore floral also
so we selca our hawaiian themed outfit =D
without the face as usual lol

 the same boring face
i am too lazy to make up myself to go classes ! gotta admire my effort to at least dress nicely one

wierd pose while taking picha of my outft lol supa k ying
hair was too messy so had to braid my hair !!

this is only mid week that's why only 3 outfits =D
too lazy to wait for another few days to update my blog
so that's all for now !!!
foul mood gone halo good mood ! where were you just now ???
cheers ,

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