lunch at flamme's

April 11, 2012

had lunch today with the bunch of college mates at the college's restaurant

FYI they only open when there's final exams so i hope everyday is a final for them so i get to have nice food everyday yay !!
so , their theme for this sem is sky so the tix look like flight tix lo but their decorations only mama lo ...
i was hoping for a more creative decorations but nevermind !!

this is their menu i purposely zoom it so i dont have to mention later lol #whatsnew

then we ordered our mocktail !! wanna order cocktail one , but i have to drive later on and i scared i get drunk lol you know la i seldom drink one ... so babai cocktail halo mocktail !

me and my mocktail *smile ... wait ! what ??!!! they served food on the table there already ???!!
where's mine ???!!! ( that's with my omg look lol )

cheers baybeh !!

then only the appetizer came .. dont expect me to describe it ! look on the menu above kayyyy
me munching on it already me hungry
yum yum ! spot my xi huan ~

then came the food after idk , 20 minutes ??
i was starving like hell already ...
check out my photography skills ! awesome right ? wth i should just take pichas of food everywhere i go
even i camwhore also not this nice leh wth

after stuffing myself like usual , the awesome-mest dessert ever came !!
i'm drooling already just staring at it #whattodo
i really really hope the hospitality students have finals everyday lo ! shall pray to God tonight !

after pouring it down my throat , then they ask us " tea , coffee or me ? "
i said you of course !! but still they gave me tea wth
so , to drown my kecewa-ness i camwhore lo !
but still not as nice as the food pichas wth
i really really have to think properly whether i still wanna continue camwhore or just take pichas of food
even food looks nicer than me !! #fml

okay tummy full now so shall take a nap !
that's what i do anyway lol
babai peeps ! zzzz ...

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