life is good !

April 08, 2012

okay okay me no idea why sudd i feel so contented LOL
idk why i feel so easily contented one !
people like me gets taken for granted max one lo !
i mean , for normal girls , their boyfie's have to give them diamond rings and still they feel that its too small or the shine too little
but for me !! *shakes head vigorously
he buys me a fruit juice and i'm smiling til my face hurts #whyyyyy
okay okay i admit that time i was thirsty and tired and leg hurts like hell and having something to drown my insides is the best thing that can happen ...
okay okay i admit also he didnt just bought me fruit juice he bought me whatever i wanted too
lucky for him his gf not very greedy one !!
just a few pieces of clothing and a pair of my long-wanted high stump converse
and i'm already floating on the sky lmao

readers that probably feel while reading #lol

but you know what ?
i'm still floating right now that even if you walk across me and and throw "bitch!" at me i'll just ignore you ..
yes ! compare to the usual dragging you to a lone alley and beat you til you beg for mercy and i still continue to bash you up until when the police come your teeth and intestine is all out you cant even speak #lol

okay have to stop now cause i still have assignments and presentation slides to do !!
gonna end with a contented me ! *waves

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