it's mummy's bday !!

April 26, 2012

happy bday the most important woman in my life !!
eventhough sometimes you know la , mummies can be very very cheong hei and nag you all the time sometimes i feel like running from home haha
okay la not so serious one i purposely exaggerate it one lol
am i really ??
anywayss , it was just me , sis eve and mummy this time cause idk why our family got tradition celebrate birthdays a few times one haha dont jelly !!
so the first celebration is all girls one
we took her to paparich because she super love their ais kacang but i didnt get to take nice picha of it seeing i only remembered it eating halfway and it don't look so appetizing with everything all meshed up lol

this is her pressie so cute right ? lol okay now all of you know she's 50 haha
I purposely write the 50 big big to remind her that she's 50 lol so naughty !
oh , ignore my messy table and my ferrero rocher , yes ! it's still here while i'm typing lol

here is eve and mummy ~ lol so funny their pose looks more like best friends than mother daughter

then i'll end with a picha of me and her also ! heehee
do we look alike ? i love the background btw lol
sis eve say i purposely stay behind mummy to make my face look small one
le sis think too much i swear i really have no idea !

may god bless you mummy !! and have a wonderful year ahead of you #hugsandkisses

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