my nestle incredible story

April 25, 2012

when i think about nestle , the first thing that comes to my mind
is of course milo !! what other else ??
as a self proclaim 1990's baby , i'm sure other 1990's baby will remember the MILO van , no ?
that time there was nothing like MILO fuze that is so convenient
without it , i will be starving in class because i have no time for breakfast with all the hair washing , hair blowing , make up
with it is a blessing !! i just pour it into a cup , add boiling water and
voila !! one perfect cup of milo served lol

remember this ancient tin ? argh no point pretending you don't okay EVERYBODY have one in their home that time lol i sound like i'm so old #wth

this is my entry for my nestle incredible story
haha i'm so proud of myself i did it in less than 5 minutes lol
all the talking to myself does pay off ya know lolol
so whats yours ?

actually had a kit kat at home so before sis eve could gobble it all down i manage to save it and took a decent picha with it lol

thanks to nestle we now have a variety of tasty and nutritious products to eat yay !!
absolutely no idea what this world will be without nestle i'm so happy it's here to stay lol
whatcha say ?
editted a picha of me and nestle products haha do you like it ??
took 20 minutes to finish it #wth can write 4 nestle incredible stories liaw

so this is my nestle incredible post what's yours ?
before ending chak hai first by saying " me super love nestle !!! " lolol

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  1. Hi! Came across your blog from nuffnang! Y u so pretty? Haha. Btw, good luck on the contest ya! :) I joined too! Kekeke...

  2. lol thankiewwwww <3 you look pretty yourself =) good luck to you too !!

  3. yaaaa !! koko krunch and honey star is love <3

  4. nice entry !!!!! me lurve milo too :)