hooked !

April 15, 2012

maybe some of you noticed that im MIA these few days lol

MIA ( missing in action ) just you know ...
it's because i'm hooked !!
hooked on the pokemon game on my psp #embarrased
i know i know its ancient , but i dare you try to play again i'm sure you get hooked as well okay
and i know that finals are coming and i *ahem not yet actually start studying yet ..
but i got borrow reference book form library one you know !!
not yet have time to go open it only ma #whattodo #shakehead

okay la dont potong steam la lemme introduce my pokemon #hyperventilating
like a proud parent #wth
okay this is pika ( le nickname ) yes , even though its a raichu already it still kept its pikachu nickname lol
so when other pokemon trainers fight me i'll say "go pika !! "
then they will like "cheh pikachu only hai ma "
then they'll see my raichu and shuddup lol
see so fun !!

then i also have my venursaur where i got it from profesor oak ..
nola i got bulbusaur form him then obviously i evolved him laaa
me super like its vine whip and rasor leave ~
ya fml i know ..

who's next ??
pidgeot of course !!
caught him at the bushes then evolved him become my now proud pidgeot
and well , no it doesnt have a nickname so boring
so everybody will know that i'm sending pidgeot when i shout the whole " go pidgeot " thing #nofun

then i have my mankey
lol its actually a pig pokemon just because of its nose
eventhough me and sis eve still thinks it's a monkey pokemon
i mean , look at it !! it's more monkey than pig yes or no ??

hoho then me introduce onix
even though its in bill's computer lol
i just wanna shiok sendiri because so hard to catch one wan lo
my venursaur one rasor leaf it sure faint so i have to slowly quick attack it only it dont faint on me #humblebrag

lol hope i influence you guys to play it too !!
then we can compare our pokemons see whose one nicest heehee
so fun right ?!
damn finals yay pokemon !!!!

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  1. lol its super addictive !! don't tell me you never played pokemon before ?? *shocked

  2. i ply gameboy onli~~psp pokemon i never play~~i think its reali addictive because i saw u playing psp after ur final jus now :D

  3. it's d same one lol wait !! you saw me ???? #wth show yourself ! lolol

  4. lol...whr u download the game?i download and try it~~..when i wan go to talk with u,suddenly u look fierce= = lol

  5. hahahahaha where got ??? lol i super friendly one la i dunno leh sis bf dl it for us heehee

  6. lol..u friendly??ok..next time i saw u i go say hi to u :)...