April 21, 2012

as a teenager ( okay okay young adult )
we tend to forget what our priorities are ,
not to say that i'm an expert in prioritizing anything but at least i know i'm wrong and will try to change ( success or not is another question one trollol )

take me for example ( buay paiseh one me ) ,
next week is finals and what am i doing ? blogging ? camwhoring ? watching tv ?
perfect example of teenagers slash young adults always does , no ?
so , i swear i'm going to study starting tomorrow !
obviously not now la , have to prepare myself to prioritize studying one ma
so long never study then now suddenly study very 伤身

anywaysssss , i found this video on youtube about priorities one !
the guy so cute leh !! not danny la , the guai lou okay lol
check it out ~

supa dupa cute or what ???? heh heh
to end my post i show you my teddy , also very cute one , like me !! *blush*

okay teddy , you obviously stole all the attention from me !!
i'm gonna make you pay !!
haha teddy became pig lol

babai and good luck in prioritizing !
studies definitely more important okayyyyy ~

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