Excite your senses with LG Cinema 3D Smart TV

April 22, 2012

who doesn't know tht 3D movies are the rage right now ?
okay la , it's quite awhile already
even though the visual is like , super real and you can really feel all the excitement , indulge in real-ness of the story
i don't really fancy going to the cinema to watch a 3D film
why ???

first , i don't really like to wear the 3D glasses provided by the cinemas ,
is it only me or do they make you feel dizzy ?

second , the staff there treat you like a thief #wth
have you ever tried going to the ladies in the middle of the movie ?
if you have , you'll understand ..
if no , lemme describe the disgrace i felt !
they will insist you give them the glasses for keepsake and though you left the glasses at your seat cause #wth of course you won't bring the glasses to the ladies
they will insist you go get it then give it to them to keep
and you can't act babei don't want to go to the ladies liaw cause idk why everytime in the middle of the movie i will have the need to go to the ladies #fml

I'm sure you all remember the first ever epic 3D movie !
*drumsroll* AVATAR !!
who can ever forget the climax of it when Jake went to the rescue of the people
if i get to choose , i'll watch this epic movie repeatedly again and again and again and again ..
*gasp* and again and again and again lol
sure will not get bored of it one !

and now LG has come out with a Cinema 3D Smart TV that we can put in the living room and rewatch all the 3D movies again and again and again *hyperventilating liaw #omg
imagine going to the loo without those irritating cinema staff asking for the stupid glasses !
and i can go as many times as i like since can pause the movie haha !
can even go every 10 minutes lol #youcandoittoo
okay okay i know i'm being super childish but i really really hate those cinema staff
not all of them la , just those that insist i go take their stupid 3D glasses hmph !

check out the new Cinema 3D Smart TV here !!

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