what a weekend !

July 02, 2012

pageviews has dropped tremendously so i figure i have to do something about it !!
so i decided to blog about my hectic weekend , here goes !!

remember my baby boy ?

me and eve stays at the hostel in our respective colleges ,
so we only go back home on weekends , normally on fri noon or evening
so this week when i went back , i felt something strange 
i mean , when i normally reach home , my baby would normally rush to the door to welcome me
unless of course he's either busy sleeping or playing with his bear bear ( yes , he have a bear which we call bear bear for him to bite , like a pacifier !! supa cute one )
so , i called and called and called him but no baby
i was starting to freak out when mummy said he was lost
at the same time , refuse to accept the reality

so me and eve drove around the neighborhood looking for him but still no baby ,
we were starting to be seriously worried because even if somebody took him ,
they wouldn't know what he eats because my baby don't just eat dog food ,
he needs meat in it , and mind you , you need to strip the meat and mix it in his dog food for him
if not ! he rather not eat and starve himself for three days #truestory
also , your meat cannot be overnight or tasteless one wth this dog is too pampered

on the second day , we still refuse to think that he's missing

no . never .
so i suggested to print out posters on our missing baby because i thought what if somebody took him out of good-heartedness because they saw him wandering around ? 
yes , i don't think the world is as evil as it is
stupidness or naive ??
so i did a poster and we went to print it then walked along the streets in the neighborhood sticking posters on poles and also asking uncles whether they saw him or not
we were rather optimist because still in denial and i think that there is still some good in mankind =D

so after a few hours , my baby came back !!!!!!!

apparently an uncle we talked to actually saw him a day ago with some indian foreigner and went to get him back for us !!!!!!!!!!!!!
i hugged and hugged and hugged him ( my baby la , not the uncle lol ) and told him not to do that to us ever again , so here is the happy ending =DD

after founding my baby , of course had the mood to go dating with the boyfie la
no idea what to wear that day , i kept changing outfits then decided to go with this pleated shirt . again .

then add a pleat with a ribbon behind lolol i look so petite from behind !!
well , i know that i'm petite la but never knew i look supa petite from behind what ,

selca abit while waiting to go into madam kwan's restaurant

if you never heard of madam kwan's , it is apparently a restaurant serving malaysian cuisine
and lots of locals and tourists likes to come here so that's why we had to wait for a table

they were said to have to best nasi lemak in malaysia so we ordered it to see whether it is really that nice
it comes with chicken floss ( bit spicy but when mixed with rice is nice ! ) , rendang chicken , egg , cucumber and a sour-y taste sambal where i think it's suppose to be stimulate your appetite but taste nice though !

also , came with a small plate of pickle which le boyfie loves lol

everywhere is having sales now so we shopped for awhile

so whatchu waiting for ?? grab your purse and let's go shopping =DD

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