oriental cuisine part 2

June 29, 2012

stop pestering me to post my day 2 oriental cuisine because here it is !!
be ready for another picha-ful post =D
you know what they say , a picha means a thousand words so here this post has about 36 million words ??wth
on the second day in genting , we woke up in this awesomely comfortable room where i swear my mood was unusually good even when i woke up at 8am lol
just in case you forgot how my room looks like and is lazy to go look for the day1 post , here it is !! *floats on cloud nine

our breakfast is in hainan express where it is starting to be a chain restaurant at genting ,
the first and the second ones is in the casino where gamblers get to munch on something when they gamble til they're hungry because all of us knows that it is impossible to gamble in less than two hours right ?*wink
so this third one is in the themepark hotel itself where they are aiming customers from themepark or concert attenders ( is there such a word ??? ) after the concert they can grab a meal , or two , or three wth
ignore my bed hair because me ain't gonna bath in the early morning !! especially in genting

only selca picha that morning
okla , not so bad =D

this is how the branch in themepark hotel looks like !

look at all our food !

another group picha
yes , this is what bloggers do when we're about to do ANYTHING ANYWHERE lolol

after the breakfast , we have our free time til we check out
so me and sis eve went back to our room to have our bubble bath ! in the tub !!
just in case you forgot AGAIN what our bathroom looks like , here it is !! #humblebrag

after checking out , we went to the restaurant below for our seafood meal
we loves seafood ??? prepare to gorge yourself with these eye feasting pichas ( of food la of course )


first on , steamed oysters with minced garlic
the garlic makes the oyster taste supa fresh and it took away the seafood smell
slurp it in in one mouthful and you'll feel like being in heaven lol

for better view and of course bragging purposes

another thing bloggers does @.@
we have to wait for a full 5 minutes before we get to dig in , seriously !!

next on , plain poached grass prawn
where plain they meant steamed only

the sauce to dipped in !

martini prawn we made =DD
love the freshness of the prawn and when dipped in the special sauce it taste unexpectedly nice !!

even though eve and me prefer heavy taste this dish made us consider going all steam-food-only
really ? they really made such an impact ??

no la !!!! we is no giving up on soy sauce and salt and sugar and ajinomoto lolol

our steamed sea groupa with soy sauce
soy sauce !! finally ! we've been missing you !

boston lobster with superior stock
lobster again !! no jelly ok ?

shasimi geoduck
where it is not a duck , but 象拔刺身 in chinese
the others said that it cost rm500++ @.@ @.@ times two
where you either can eat it raw or dip it in herb soup
i prefer dipping in the herb soup la because i don't really take raw food @.@

the chef teaching us how to eat the geoduck

chili crab served with deep-fried mantou
i absolutely definitely love the mantou dipped in the sauce !!

the deep-fried mantou in zoom
the inside is really really soft while it is crispy on the outside *drool
i even considered asking them whether they sell only the deep-fried mantou

 stir-fried siput cangrad with dried shrimp and chili padi

four seasons vegetable where me and eve only take the two seasons - french bean and lady's finger lol

mixed fruit platter for dessert !

we were going all 韩风 ( korea wave look )

ending with the seafood in their aquariums !!
the seafood here is supa fresh because they catch the seafood after you order ,
you can even choose which fish , which lobster you prefer
either the one with the beer belly or the one with a mole on its cheek wth

cheers !!

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