genting oriental cuisine event

June 22, 2012

okay , so i mentioned that i'll be going to genting AGAIN for another nuffnang event
i know , they is love me so much !! lol
this time it's an oriental cuisine event where we get to makan makan and makan !!
nomnomnom don't jelly me especially after you see all the yummy pichas i took =D

this is me and le sis eve taking the genting express bus up around 2pm because we have classes in the morning when all the other bloggers are going up together in the morning D=
we missed the lunch where everybody was saying how awesome how mouth watering the food was DD=
me is sad DD=

 the crowd when we reach skyway !!
wth it isn't even a holiday but later i realized they're all either thai people or Indonesians
whyyyyyyyy do you have to come genting on the same day the same time wth ?

didn't take any pichas in the cable car because i posted in the previous post and didn't want to post the same things so i'll just forward the time to where we took our room key from the nuffies at the theme park hotel's lobby and then when we opened the door 

the room looks like this .......

a sofa in case our beds were to comfortable wth

with a bath tub somemore wth

the view from our room ,
it is actually the theme park just in case it is not obvious

le sis getting comfortable in the room lolol
she was actually bragging to her boyfie about the room haha now you know =D

see the dead body behind ???

so while others did their bed review like this ...

we did it like this !! lolol the genting peeps are so gonna kill us ( X . X )
btw just in case you wanna know , it's super comfy !! i slept like a pig lol

made up for the dinner !!
we were told that we're gonna dine at classy restaurants so no slippers no short pants no too-casual clothes
so this is my outfit for the dinner

selca abit .....

le make up in case you're interested =D

guess which lips is whose ?? ok la maybe it is abit obvious haha

le restaurant we went to @.@
now you know why no sandals allowed!! palace woh wth
Genting palace is famous for its authentic cantonese cuisines and also dimsums *yum

this was our menu 

yes , u no see no wrong , it is rm2500 per nett 
i think it can survive me for what , 2 months ? instead of only 1 meal

le sis enjoying her tea like a " fu tai "

so first up was the double-boiled minced quail ball with assorted fungus
i am a fan of chinese soups so this is a love !!

this soup is boiled two times and the assorted fungus is added one by one to make sure the taste is just nice and not too heavy
the whole process is 6 hours and you have to make reservation the day before if you wanna order *jaw drops
and i finished it in like , 5 minutes ????
le quail ball is well , made from the quail bird *yums

chef jacky yap explaining to us the process of the making the soup
chef's introduction and private room ?? this is VVIP's treatment i tell you !!

next up , of course i don't expect you to scroll up and down looking at the menu
baked baby lobster with dragon fruit and cheddar cheese
the lobster was served with fruit salads served in the dragon fruit skin
mixing lobster's meat with the salad is a genius !! because the lobster is cooked with cheddar cheese , inevitably the taste will be abit heavy so the salad is there to help take the taste away then you can finish the lobster even if you don't like heavy flavors

le salad is made from 3 types of different salad ,
sweet , sour and spicy ( wasabi )
how to say no to it ????
try it once and you'll be hooked !!

steamed dragon tiger grouper with preserved vegetable condiment
okay dragon tiger grouper is a fish with very awesome name
imagine being called dragon tiger grouper instead of just fish lol
just eating the fish ( i'll just gonna call it fish , dragon tiger grouper is too long la wth ) , it is abit too dull for my taste but when you eat the fish together with the preserved vegetable ,
served together is the ramen with soy sauce which is also nice because the ramen is made using shanghai's method so it's smooth and springy

simmer abalone and winter melon with black truffle and yellow broth
i asked chef jacky why winter melon ?
and he replied me , because it is stated in the menu lolol

then when le other bloggers rephrase my question into " why did you choose to put abalone with winter melon ? "
only he replied because the winter melon taste is very mild and compliments the taste of the abalone
the black thingy on top of my abalone is a black truffle
according to chef jacky , black truffle is very expensive and very nutritious to us

crispy chicken fillet with special sauce
special sauce is spicy sauce , and i don't take spicy food !!
one bite of it means one glass of tea for me lolol
chef jacky said that even his three year old son is better in taking spicy food than us D=

last of all !! desert !!!
this is the genting palace special dessert

snow skin with cream and mango inside @.@
i love this !!!
i think no female is going to ever say no to this ! ever !

pandan thingy inside crispy skin lol

female bloggers with chef jacky !!

group picha !!
from left : genting peeps dee lin and chloe , nuffy darren , me , sis eve , chef jacky , wendy , max , tian chad and daniel

that's all for now !!
ending with a selca picha of us
stay tuned for day 2 =DD

cheers , xoxo

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  1. The food in Genting Palace is the most awesome one! haha love to go there again!