my day

June 26, 2012

yes it's the time of the year already !!
my birthday !!
thankiew peeps for the wishes and if you have'nt wish me yet ,
wish me now and remember to send your present to my place =D

the 2nd love celebrated my day at neway cheras plaza singing k
this is me looking so happy receiving her pressie and her even more happy receiving mine lol
no , she doesn't hve the same birthday as me , but it was some new clothes that i wanna give her
even found a supa nice tote bag to put it in wth so yea , it do look like a present lol

me make up of the day =D
so free i even curl the wedges of my hair =DD

and me outfit of the day

 fooled around heehee

 song list !! was singing ji mo ji mo jiu hao when i took this picha lol
i just realized i like to sing sentimental songs gimme rock & roll songs and i'll sit there quietly xp
so if one day you're singing k with me and i am too noisy lol just put on those screaming songs because me has no strong vocal me will be queit one #wth

but remember to gimme food to stuff my mouth up ok ?

haha me singing also can selca one !

the highest form of selca-ing is selca while you do something else then going back to do the things you were doing , in my case , singing lolol

on the birthday itself , i went to the apartment with le boyfie and sis eve and her boyfie the driver ! lol
check out the atmosphere !

our chair is like a supa comfy bed
eve and me were bouncing all the way throughout the meal lolol

food !!!
this is eve's baked fish with wedges , all their dish mostly also got wedges one lol so no fighting !

my duck confit
the meat was abit dry , i dunno whether it was because they gave me the breast part or it was dry @.@

eve looks so pretty here i HAVE to post this picha lol

and of course , me with my food =D

after the meal , they ordered apple and pear crumble for me as a birthdat cake lol
used the candle on the table as a cake candle wth
why so creative one us ???

no idea what i was wishing for and why am i smiling while making a wish???!

nah , the " cake " lolol
taste good though

me forcing everybody to take a picha toasting while it was just ice water lol but can pass for white wine right ? should have told you guys it was white wine

after the meal , we went to the cinema foe the premier screening of the brave !!
there was a queue there already when we went there @.@
why all the bloggers so kiasu one D=

got my free tix and wth two i love nuffnang badge lolol

the movie !!
me and eve is like a cartoon fan so we love cartoons especially from disney !!

moral of the story ??
never ever follow weird blue floating lights wth if merida never followed them , nothing will happen !!

got a better moral of the story ?
i dare you to beat mine =D

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