is double dating for you ?

June 07, 2012

is double dating your cup of tea ?
when you hear your date say she / he want to double date with another couple ,
do you go nay or yay ??
well lucky you , here's a guide for you !

1 . determine the aim of your date
is it a lovey - dovey one where you just want each others company or you've met soooo many times this week you prefer other companies ? new conversation topic ?
or is it a fun , exciting one ? ie. a vacation to the beach or genting themepark !!! read here for a tour on my recent genting trip =D
or is it the time when you've just been together and want to know more about each other ?
or you've been together for ages you don't mind a double date ??

okay , once you know your direction , of course you have to make sure your double date is on the same channel with you !
for example , if you're on the niklelodeon channel , you wouldn't want somebody from national geographic right ??
like this , you can't even blame anyone when you don't get along and the date becomes a disaster D=

2. more choices
when there's another person of course there'll be more choices !
in the food ,

but make sure you all agree on the same thing thou ,
you don't want to go to somewhere you don't really wanna go ,
eat something you don't wanna eat right ?
or if you're the type that always " sui bian la ! " like mua ,
it's much easier ! *wink*

on where to go , what to do ...
in our case , chilling at baskin robbins ! yum =D
*stuffs another mouthful of chocolate chip cookie dough in mouth*

in selca ( self capture ) pose too !
no more need to go thick face to selca ...

when there's someone to take your picha =DD

4. PDA , yes ? no ?
PDA is the short form of public display of affection ,
where couples will kiss , hug , flirt publicly

do you flinch when couples hug passionately in public ?
do you wince when you see them sucking their faces of each other ?

if yes , you better make sure your double date does nothing like that ,
or it'll make you either awkward or disgusted
yes , exactly like this lolol

well , if no ,
welcome to the group !
you're welcome to invite me to be your double date =D

goodnight !!

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