Twins, Live in Malaysia 2012

June 04, 2012

yeshhhhh twins is gonna perform in genting this weekend !
the lovable twin look alike duo group is finally coming back to malaysia ,
ain't it awesome ??
i've been in love with their songs since i dunno when and i always , ALWAYS pick their song for my karaoke sessions #diehardfan
i used to think that they two were real twins seeing they look supa alike !
that was until i was singing karaoke and i told this to my friend " why got twins so pretty one harr ?? "
and they sorta burst my bubble saying they're not and laugh seriously hard i thought she was going to burst D=
ok maybe it's because they're always with each other and their looks sorta rub on each other ,
this is what happens to BFF's anywayyyyy

well , i have no BFF look alike , so does it means that we're not really BFF's like i claimed ??
nolaaaa yoh , it just means that we're so different we complement each other lol
so yeah , coming back , even though i don't have a BFF look alike ,
i have a sister look alike wth seeing we're just 14 months apart !
if i hear another " eh , you two twins ahh ? " one more time ,
i swear i won't be nice !!!!
guess which one is who !!!
p/s : i love red =D

ok i know i can't really blame them seeing we have the same sense of humor the *ahem* almost same expression , hand gesture , body language and voice ..
i remembered going to sis eve's college for a scolarship interview and they ask me ,
"you got a sister here that's also a scolarship recipient right ???"
me : " ehhhhh , ya . "
"i knew it !! you two have the same body language and expressions !! "
me : " ....."

but i admit we DO look a teeny weeny bit alike in this picha la lol dunno good thing or bad ,
even our relatives and church members cannot really differentiate us ,
sometimes when they call us by the right names , i think they just cincai call one then lucky enough , they got it right that single time wth

sometimes , we will even pretend to be each other when we receive calls from our boyfies lol
even they have trouble differentiating us !!
lol ok i admit sometimes it's fun la ...

so , this is me and sis eve doing a look alike pose while we were at genting lol
even though we look more like scowling at each other instead of laughing gloriously wth

for more info , click here
and here for their concert video

too bad they only have a show this time D=
i really really hope to go catch them in genting so how about you ?!
imagine singing with all of us twins #diehardfans their awesome songs together !! #hyperventilating

imagine going to twins concert with a twin look alike , absolutely unimaginable right ?
i promised to take lotsa lotsa lotsa pichas of us and twins yeah
omg hyperventilating supa high now i probably won't be able to sleep wth
ending with yet another same pose that me and sis eve happen to be posing lol

ok confession time ! i secretly thank God for giving the sister i've grown up with
i can't imagine life without her cause she's also my live-in BFF too =D
why ???
same thing i've been saying for again and again and again ,
well , i've known her my whole life !!!

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