Twins concert in genting

June 16, 2012

so , *holding breathe*
i had the opportunity to go watch twins live at genting last week !!
thankiew thankiew nuffnang for giving me free tix and also a free room =D
i've had a supa great time there !!
it was my very first time going to a concert #fml
soooooooo yea , i was abit too excited la
and the twins is supa pretty one in real life too
whyyyyy God , why you not fair one ????D=
admirably good looks and awesome vocal ??? seriously ???

me in cable car =D

check out the arena of stars

twins with boy'z 死心不改

hi it's me again =D

too bad they never sang this song which i supa love !!
i admit i'm the type that prefer sentimental songs to those hiphop rapping kinda songs
oh nevermind ! plenty of opportunities to hear them sing in da future =D

my concert tix and roon key =D

check out our hotel room !!
okay maybe it isn't a suite or deluxe but hey it's free ,
what do ya' expect ??

contented me with wierd smile in room lolol xp

 outside the room lol

this is us playing monopoly before going to bed =D
guess who came out as the ultimate billionaire ??
me !!!!! *evillaughter*
of course i did offer them the highest honor kissing my right feet but they were too sour to do so D= tsk tsk tsk it's just a game !!! #humblebrag

had a awesome time in genting !! going there next week again lol
can't wait !!
thankiew nuffnang and genting =DD

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