genting charity movie screening

June 10, 2012

finally going to blog about nuffnang genting charity trip =D

sis eve blog her version here , so here's mine !
was invited by nuffnang to join their charity trip to genting , as usual i get to bring a plus one
so i asked sis eve to go with me =D

genting was having their candylicious and chocoholic theme going on so all the place was decorated with candies !!
outside first world hotel ...

met food blogger yinyin while having breakfast there ,
ignore my dead face please D=

then after that , MIB 3D screening !!!
supa nice one , if you don't watch it you'll definitely regret so whatchu waitin' for ???
same dead face here DD=

selca with le sistah in the cinema lol
before screening la of course !!

after the screening , we went for our buffet lunch @.@
genting , y u so good one ???

after lunch , we were suppose to give pressies to the children that joined us !!
haha charity ma , so guess what is my gift ??
wait , i think i was photobomb-ed !!!!!!!

took pichas with the kids =D

group picha !! spot me if you can lolol

genting themepark is a must !!!
more must when you have free tix !!! =DD
me and sis eve checking out the rides in the map ..

awesome lighting to selca no ?
okay we like supa alike here *gasp*

our free tix worth rm114 !!!
genting and nuffnang , how to not love you ???

waiting for our ride to the cockscrew
supa long queue D=

scared face when it's gonna be my turn !!!!
oh the wind was supa big that day , that's with the messy hair look heehee
nobody holding a fan to blow me one lol

and the tiao lou ji
omg i won't ever go on this ride this life , next life nor my next next life
supa scary one !!

this is more like it !!
hahahaha went with the nuffnang folks and bloggers

then took picha with the chocoholic and candylicious clown hahahahahaha
dunno who's who
okay la they're normally not so friendly one but they is me friends so look supa 热情 here lolol

boat ride !!
me love this boat ride much !!
hello sexy legs =D

treated myself to a chocolate cream chip with whip cream before heading back down to kl ...
since when i'm ms. airic ????? hmmmmmm...

conclusion ?
it was an awesome trip with other bloggers and the nuffnang folks =DD

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  1. ur sis posted earlier thn u leh lazy turtle XD whr's the concert post?