mickey expo

June 05, 2012

went to the mickey expo in midvalley last week =D
there were sooo many mickies there it is absolutely love !!
especially for a cartoon fan like mua
it does bring back alot of childhood memories and i was like a kid , wandering up and down the aisle of the different designs of mickey !

having a hard time choosing the normal-est mickey to take picha with ! lol
since the huge red one is constantly crowded with parents and kids
see the couple in the picha with the wierd look ?
halo ! who says only kids can like mickey ?

so here are the few designs i personally liked =D
you have to go check it out yourselves for the other designs ya !

ru hua mickey , ewww !

personal favourite !
uncle mickey ! seriously ? i know !! lolol

sonic the hedgehog mickey

FOS mickey lol

ni shi lion mickey ??

skeleton mickey

metal punk mickey

amber chia micky

dragon slayer mickey ??

stone age mickey lol =D

angel and devil mickey

ace mickey

acting cute here to match the mickey feel lolol
success ???
hope you enjoyed the mickies here as much as i do =DD

see ya around !!
signing off ,

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