why i blog

July 14, 2012

have been wanting to blog about this for awhile now
have to spark reader's interest instead of blogging of me , me and me lol
i know , i get bored of me sometimes having this same face for what , 18 years now ?
hah me is not going to tell about my real age if not i'd curl up and sulk at the corner instead of blogging
and friends always says i look 18 what , and act like 15 #wth
so , different bloggers have their own reasons to blog
here's my reason !

1. i like talking to myself

no , seriously , i talk to myself everyday
ok i'm starting to freak out myself too but it does sound kinda creepy spoken out loud right ?
is it even normal ? ok just googled and some say i have mental conditions while some says it's normal lolol
just gonna ignore them =D
but i really do i don't know why ?
so having to blog is just like talking to myself  minus the creepiness
so me is love blogging ^ ^

2.i like to make people smile
with my lame humor D=

but nonetheless when i see a smile plaster on your face it makes my day more meaningful
i must be a joker in my last life @.@

3.sharing is caring
whether its make up

nail art


or hairstyles

exchanging information and skills is one thing why blogs are so great !!

4.meet more people
being an anti social as i am , seldom do i get to know new friends
so when there are events for bloggers , there are more opportunities to meet friends that have common interest -- blogging =D
and being a blogger , we like to for example , take lotsa lotsa pichas , do blogger things bloggers do
and don't look like a weirdo lol because all of us are doing the same thing it's not wierd anymore !! lolol

lastly ,
5. have a place to post all my vain pichas =DD

cheers ,

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  1. Yayyyy! what I love to! You totally spoke out my mind. hehehe. wanna meet you up!

  2. fion hahaha good thing right ? =D
    nicole - me tooooo <3 come kl !! lets have a blogger meeting

  3. lol of coz but its just a suggestion =D