outfit for d week

March 22, 2012

no idea why i got this idea but i decided to post what i wore to classes this whole week
okay okay , its actually just 4 days cause i dont have classes on fri #hurray
i know you all probably does'nt even want to know ,
who cares ??
but i still like to be optimistic and think that there is people out there who actually care okay ?
so if you're not one of them then scram !
me no want you here ~
at least this gave me a lil bit excitement everyday on what to wear to look decent for my blog readers LOL

what i wore to monday classes
sound like i know what you did last summer kind of speech WTH

tuesday looks like this - typical dok shu mui -.-
with my hair still wet HEEHEE dont mind me !

wednesday outfit where everyoe said i look like leng mui WTH
if only i have the mature look in me ....
22 years old and still look like 18 ? its just sad kayyyyy

today's look !
actually made some effort as we hava a field trip to the mines LOL
i know i dont normally dress nice and decent to THE MINES , since its like *speechless
but idk why i did so dont ask me -.-

kept saying wanna explore with new look , different make up but i totally phailed !!
look d same everyday im so bored with myself already so im not surprised you are as well
HAHA maybe weekends ba
my lazy level is practically at the highest ! i dunno anyone who is lazier than me im like the lazy queen seriously
my level is up to where i don't wanna go out because i dread going to bath and blow dry my hay-like hair ,
going through the same ritual in choosing what to wear because i have nothing in my closet !!
i seriously need shopping or else im going to be naked the next time you see me outside LOL
this is not a joke !

okay , thats all for now peeps ,
do stay tuned for more me !

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