meet my new blog name !

March 11, 2012

okay so from now on , my blog is no more welcome ..
sounds too shallow leh ,
im calling this page the budget urbanite because who says that staying in kl means you must be filthy rich ??
halo !! i know there are people outside who are , and can dress prettily and high classy , eat at fancy restaurants , and drive nice cars and go to nice parties ..
but what about us moderate ( poor !! ) people that is on a budget ?
( definitely me !! )
you know you cant afford branded stuff ( meaning make up , food , clothes etc. ) #FML
and you get so irritated when pretty girls teach you make up or post new clothes they're wearing its so nice you're practically drooling but cant afford it cause its too expensive ...
WTH life , y u no fair one ?

okay this blog is nothing like those because i also cannot afford those @#$%^& branded stuff that makes your skin glow and look like a princess ,
make your eyes perfect with zero dark eye circles and big and sexy and look like somebody punch you ... hahahaha okay okay i admit i say that just because im jealous

meaning im going to show you make up with items that are cheap !! ( not too cheap la cause i also wont trust them #likeaboss at least can lan si them LOL )
and nice pretty clothes toooo ( and when i am thinking whether or not to buy new clothes i'll think no more and buy cause i'll be persuading myself that im doing for the sake of my blog readers , yay !! )
and i never eat at really really expensive restaurants so its okay ...

okay la actually wanna blog on my normal make up that i spent the whole day editting but too bad sis eve is skyping *rollseye* and make my line super hyper slow so uploaded til 61% cannot upload anymore le SIGH
so just inform you peeps that i change my blog name only la ,
i mean , i wasted only 2 minutes of your day only ma , right ?
babai maybe blog bout it tomorrow la kay ,
xoxo ,

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