baby boy's bday !!!

March 07, 2012

its my baby boy's 2x bday ( hah !! not going to reveal our real age LOL )
this is the 2nd year we're celebrating it together and i hope that i'll be able to continue celebrating it with him during my remaining years *blush

just you know , we went to neway timesquare for our two person karaoke session
LOL i know !!
but this was the day before and we dont wanna buy anything ( his version )
(my version )i wanna buy everything but he said
no! (me pointing to pwetty shirts )
no! (me pointing to sexy dresses )
no! (me pointing to to-die-for shoes )

me camwhoring while he's singing #whatsnew ?

me finally singing while camwhoring !!
highest level of camwhore ~
me : ooohhh my song my song !

me : hmm hmm hmm ( humming the intro )

me : !@#$%%^&&**......
singing while im drunk LOL
baby boy keeps laughing at this picha WTH
but i thought it was cute xp
even if i do look drunk LOL

him singing and didnt even buldge with the flash on WTH
must be some kind of song he's singing .....

tadah !!
love bird's picha ~
i freaking lurve this picha i dunno why .....
p/s : we're not looking at the cam cause flash is on and we dont wanna look like we're squinting like what squidward does in spongebob squarepants LOL
there !! guess my age *evilgrin

me : why got the wierd noise behind me one ??
hmmmmm ....

okay , i have no idea why i put this picha here so just skip it peeps ~

okay , THIS is the climax of his bday !
i figure since we both havent been to the rotating restaurant at kl tower yet
why not do it on his bday since its kinda special ?
so .....

okay , since when i became mrs ngui ????

make up of the day - smudge eyeliner =.=
it was suppose to look sexay but WTH *speechless

food !!!!!!

dessert ~
obviously there was ALOT more desserts there but i only got to try these seeing my useless stomach can only be filled to certain level #rollseye
what a waste !!!!!
tummy , y u no zhang hei ??

me pretending to look at the kononnya space
hmph ! if its that pretty out there i'd rather live there and not on earth
maybe i can be the girl who lives on the moon or something LMAO

me again , with my cat food =.=

baby boy !! HAHA he's pretending to look cool but end up looking ....
wierd LOL!!
oh btw do you see the foreign woman behind him ?
well , just you know , we were surrounded by foreign people ...
so , this is where all the foreigners come to .........
seriously , no malaysian except the employees ..
malaysians , y u no come kl tower ????

finally , the view !!
though i suspect it will look nicer at night , thats why the price of the buffet dinner is so #killmeplease

spot where is the revolving restaurant !!

thats all for now folks , see you next time !! ( forgive me if i sound like some sesame street figures )
cheers ,

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