TAMF 2012

March 20, 2012

no idea why i always , ALWAYS start a posts with my picha ,
anyways ,
im going to the asian music festival at sunway !!!!!!!
okay , sounds not that high right ?

take two ,
how's that ?? LOL
i sound like some 15 year old #killmeplease

I still cant believe i avtually have the tix to this years TAMF2012 *hyperventilating
every year i heard people talking and talking and talking about it and this year im finally going to be going to THE awesome-mest party and when people start talking about it i can be like , yeah !! i was there !! and get to high five with everyone and finally be popular with super cool friends with tattoos and side burns yippee!
okay la too exaggerating liao ,
forgive me please im super high right now no need take pills also can so high already LOL

this years AMF is gonna be happenning at sunway ,
the theme is peach party OMG im soooo gonna need go shopping for my beach outfit
this year they're inviting jam hsiao , a lin , mc hotdog , LMF , manhand etc etc
all are superb artiste i can only hope i wont faint there and then

A lin

mc hotdog


Jam Hsiao ( i secretly like him the most comparing with the others HEEHEE dont tell them kay ? )

soooo gonna partay that day like there's no tommorow so are you gonna join me or what ??

for the tickets and more information please log on to http://www.ilikeamf.com.my/
see you thereeeeeee

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