#lovesoni @hishopmy

March 23, 2012

With up to 70% off at #lovesoni @hishopmy now, it’s heaven for jewellery-lovers!

can you guess why i look so happy ??
its because of it !!!

whats this ?
well , hishop is a site where you get to have discounts on various brands !
how cool is that ? #slapme
and you dont even have to drag yourself to go out to get it !
just click a few clicks then you have a new discounted product !

carlo cardin watches with ...... WHAT ??!!!
70% off ??!! #wth

 60% off on calvin Klein clothes ...
just some clothes ....
WAIT ! CK ???!! #slapmeplease

OPI nail polish with 25%

love soni 70% also ??!!!
where is this place ??
fantasy world ?? i love it already !

 in case you're like , love soni ?
what brand is it ? i've never ever heard about it , must be some kind of ciplak accessories la
check this out ....

OMG #speechless
in love with it already ??
better be fast cause i'll be racing you there ,
HAH see who gets it ~ may the best woman get the pwetty accessories LOL
me sure gonna win HAHA
xoxo ,

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