1st make up post

March 15, 2012

i know i know i've been saying that im gonna do this post ages ago
but hey , people line sucks like hell okayyyy
its not like i purposely postpone til now delo okay ?
okay so , this make up is my normal everyday make up which is super simple because im lazy ,
LOL okay la , i promise to try more new things then post it kay ?
im always proud of my nose , as you can see it looks super high so how to look like me ?

even if the response didnt turn out very good but i'll still do it WTH #fml

okay , so this is where i stick the double eyelid sticker to make my eyes bigger
the right picha is my actual double eyelid which doesnt look very obvious AND
if i dont have enough sleep ( 10 freaking hours ) , my eyes is super swollen ,
like a goldfish , not a compliment !!

the brand and the type and how i stick it is below so be patient la !
this is the brow powder that im using ,
there is only two products and two steps to achieve my normal everyday look ! so easy right ?!
i swear that you'll be an expert on it the second day already !!

brow powder from kate

my concealer from maybelline

okay the double eyelid sticker i have is from sasa ,
i forgot the brand but basically any double eyelid sticker from there i also recommend cause its qualitied , trust me
the ones im using is the thick type , price rm19.90 with a japanese female in front #failedblogger

okay so first thing you have to have two kinda shade ,
the left one is two shades darker than normal skin colour , the right one is only a shade darker
choose carefully as you dont wanna look so obvious that you made up okay ?

me sleeping while you screen below ,
HAHA nola im showing you what to do .....
this is me after putting the double eyelid , now you know why i love it ! you cant even see it when im sleeping !
okay okay , i swear im just closing my eyes !!

stick to double eyelid just above your normal double eyelid line , mine is slightly above my lashes only -.-

use comcealer and apply to nose bridge in a straight line ..

then use the lighter shade and apply it ont he sides of your nose to make it look sharper
yes , now you know my secret !
the powder that is two tones darker i use it on my eyebrow ..

this is me with the effect !
caucasian look increase !!!!!!

okay just to show you the difference when i put and when i didnt put ,
me looking emo cause i look just like every other girl in the world ,

then for clearer comparison , i even put these two pichas together for you to get the whole point of my make up
in case you say that it is a waste of time only and thinks that im bullshit

okay so thats all !!
this is only my normal make up so stay tuned for more tips ~

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