March 03, 2012

I've been wanting to get myself a colour lens since idk how long
and then finally !!
i bumped into a lens specialty store at timesquare while shopping with my college mates
and seeing its so cheap and quality proven , i got myself a pair to try ,
what i didnt sign up is the fact i look like a 15 year old !! WTH
im wayyyyy older than that
that i dunno whether to be holding a grudge against God or should i thank him
check out the geolens-town specialty store below ...

so inviting right ?
how can i even try to resist walking in to get one ???

that day is like i planned to get cosmestics cause all i bought was kiss me nude lipstick , lip gloss to go together with it ,

etude house face mist , eyeliner , hand mask and eye masks
i swear i didnt want to buy any of it but ended up buying all of it #failure
well , etude house was having a sale , for goodness sake !!
how can i say no to all of it when it was all so cheap ??
okay okay i'll come clean , all of it was below rm10 ..
yes ! i know ! WTH right ??
it will be insane not to get any so ............

and last of all ,
camwhored pichas that i myself am starting to get fed-up of !
how many pichas do i take a week ??
i'd rather not count LOL

cheers ,
charis xoxo

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