pwetty pichas

March 02, 2012

thanks to a little birdie i finally found a way to prettify all my rotten looking pichas
i no longer have to be jealous of people's photo editor in their eff-ing iphones !!
HAH !!
i knew that my day would come and it did #imlovingit
i even did sis eve's picha and she loves it !! I can tell LOL
i even did a header for my bloggie as you can see
isnt it pweety like hell !!

im actually suppose to blog bout my day with college mates but then i think this is more important LOL FML
anyway this is a little sneak peak about what happened LOL
camwhore is a must !!

WTH this picha is supposed to blink and when it blinks its so magnificently that i on my pc just to have a look at it FML
i even have a manicured finger WTH
anyway to have a glimpse of it , check out my twitter !!
yesssss it blinks there but not here idk why SIGH

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