once upon a time

February 27, 2012

once upon a time ,
there were two inseparable friends ,
they used to meet everyday while they were studying but did not appreciate the time they had together ,
so , now here they are , one studying at kl and the other one in kampar ,
almost 200 km away from each other ! WTH
they misses each other dearly but could only meet up max. 2 times a month to do their catching up and whatever that is happening in their pathetic lives ...

everytime they take out their cameras ,
others who doesnt know will say that they are camwhores , everytime taking pichas of themselves anywhere anytime and anything , not even bothering when there are thousands ( okay , too exaggerate , hundreds then ) of people watching them
only the two pity souls knows that the reason they does it is because when they miss each other they can see their made memories together ...

year : somewhere in 2009
venue : timesquare
activity : shopping #theawkwardmoment when you know that the main reason is meeting each other

year : somewhere in 2010
venue : toilet in redbox jusco ipoh
activity : karaoke la obviously !!

year : 2010
venue : seed cafe , midvalley
activity : having our valentines dinner #foreveralone

year : 2010
venue : look out point , ampang
activity : meeting her current boyfie for the first time !!

year : 2010
venue : KLCC
activity : #theakwardmoment when you forgot what you did with your bestie coz you meet up too many times

year : 2011
venue : her boyfie's car
activity : meeting for the sake of meeting LOL

year : 2011
venue : damansara
activity : going for our clean&clear audition

year : 2011
venue : sunway pyramid
activity : lunch at fullhouse

year : 2011
venue : sunway pyramid
activity : first double date ever !!!

year : 2012
venue : midvalley
activity : christmas pressie exchange

year : 2012
venue : midvalley
activity : splurge on dell salary

dont really understand the words said but they look so adorable together , like us !!
LOL we should do it sometime , and ask our slaves , oops ! boyfie to capture ~

last of all , for all the BFF's outside ...
LOL , cheers !!

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  1. i keep laughing when reading ny scrolling down LOL
    never realize that i really miss u that much =)
    thankiew babe,my besties ever!