life after valentines

February 17, 2012

even though its after valentines ,
it doesnt mean that we have to be less affectionate about each other ,
or love each other less ..
yes !!
im talking about the post valentine days ...
even though i wont be getting any more pressies
aigoo ! ( aish for koreans as people keep saying i look like korean i will be one xp )
but im still keeping this guy !
cancerians are known for their loyalty kayyyyy

apparently blogger chose this picha to be allowed to be uploaded
for some god know reasons
irritating me to da max !!
wanted to post bout ma outfit of da day as i copied the style from mina
im a loyal fan of this magazine ( again . loyalty. )

a style from it ~
nice right ?? loving this look but i did felt abit hot in it LOL
well , no sweat no gain !!

this is the other style i had this week ,
coursemates even said that i looked cute LOL
i was going for the mature japanese style okay
成熟したスタイル ? (mature style)
WTH damn you face !!
y u no look more mature ??
aigoo ( korean again , me korean remember ?? )
cheers ,

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