date with ma babe

February 25, 2012

today i went out with ma babe to midvalley for our catching up
i think we havent met in like , 3 weeks or more !!
missing her like crazy but she made my day !!

i had free movie tix tht i redeemed for the movie - dragon fist ( ps : from the director of yip mun 2 so of coz its about fighting fighting and fighting , how boring )
but me and ma babe was making fun of them all d while so its okay LOL
the main actor is a guy i never saw before but walao eh , his kung fu is even better than yip mun
where he can fight 20 over bad guy and still dont get hurt =.=
yes , not even a punch !! super fake lor !!
he is practiclly like superman with his laser eyes excepy of coz he dont have any laser eyes thats why he's even geng than superman WTH

i took ma babe to the gardens restaurant at midvalley where i've been wanting to do since it open but til now also never went because i kept forgetting its presence LOL
the atmosphere there is like super nice they even have a pianist playing ktv songs i love so i was singing while eating LOL

this is my chicken teriyakki with mash potato and french beans ..
the chicken was very teriyakki but i like their mash potato better ~

this is the food ma babe had , i dont know how to even pronounce the name LOL
its some fish call maririkapa i forgot WTH

the place was so fairytale that we were forced to pose with the place !
forced okay , its not like we're camwhores or what .....

see i look so fugly coz i was forced to pose =.=

hmmmm flowers !!
do they smell nice ??
WTH of coz they dont because they're fake ...

after that we went shopping for baby boy's bday present and we bought everything in less than 1 hour !!
what an acheivement !!
then we went out to the fountain place to take pichas yay !!
the highlight of the day
i lurve this picha that ma babe took of me coz it ada feel leh ~

camwhoring !!

babe took this picha while is was talking ,
then i was like , what ?? chika
picha taken , and she said i look so sexy here that she had to post it on facebook WTH
and i should always talk when taking pichas coz i look so nice =.=

had a superb time with her ,
and we promised to do it again soon
really soon !!
xoxo ,

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