dont go breaking my heart

February 13, 2012

hey peeps !
are you a louis koo or a daniel wu fan ??
mine is definitely louis koo ...
yes i know that daniel woo is more handsome , taller , and younger too
but i have been loving louis koo's movies since his first one soooo ,
being a loyal teeny weeny (not so tiny ) fan ,
i choose louis koo !!!!

this is a typical boyfie girlfie story ,
boy likes other girl ,girl goes to other boy for console ,
boy gets jealous even though he's d one who dumps girl in d first place
boy tries to woe girl again ,
girl have to decide who she wants ,
the end .

so who will she finally chooses ??
fingers crossing that she's gonna choose louis koo
being d teeny weeny fan .
how bout you??
louis koo or daniel wu ?
shucks , even their names rhymes .

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what chu waiting for ????

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