valentines 2012

February 16, 2012

happy valentines !!
okay i know that it is indeed a lil' bit late but hey ,
better late than never right ?
how did you guys celebrated your valentines this year ?
okay , on the other hand ,
i do not want to hear all d glamourous details about how he surprised you with a bouquet of roses in front of a bunch of strangers ,
how he took you to the most expensive dinner and later drank champagne while watching d sunset

maybe some of you will think ,
cheh !! its just a normal day , for "doot" sake !!
that you'll never understand why everybody's been making such a big deal out of nothing ,
okay ,
congratulations ,
i now crown you with the "most unromantic person" in the world ,
no , make that the galaxy ...

well , back to me !!
lemmetellyou lemmetellyou
i started ma day in class *rollseye*
then met with him after ,
we went to tony roma's where it is kononnya to make the best steaks ,
only to find out their prices are more astonishing than their steaks LOL

okay trust me ,
i really really wanted to upload the pichas of our food
but idk since when blogger started boycotting me ,
trying ruining all my pichas that i wanna post ,
the most important one ,
i look so freaking pwetty in those pichas but blogger just wont let me !!!
what is wrong with you ??!!!
blogspot , y u no let me post pwetty pichas ???

okay ,
so these are the only pichas decent enough that blogger allows me to upload *rollseye
just a few pathetic ones so just scroll down

i know i know ,
you wanna say .
THATS ALL???!!!!!!
yes , that's all , thanks to blogspot
one day ......
one day i'll have you begging at my knees ,
no , my toes smelling my hong kong feet !!
muahahahahahahaha *syoksendiri -ing

oh you out there that is #foreveralone
dont worry ,
your time will come !!!!

oh so thats all for now !!
tata !!

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