me and her

February 23, 2012

blogger must be in a good mood for uploading my pichas in perfect condition ~
or maybe its just me being paranoid that blogger doesnt like me ..
i know !!
who in their right mind wouldnt like me??? right ???
today i'll be posting bout me and my BFF ( well , one of them )

my dear and I have known each other since idk , 8 years ?
yes , ever since the bus uncle told her to 'take care' of me cause im a new student ,
we have been bonded since then !
both of us are playful , humourous , pretty ( uh hum ) , and almost the same height ( a difference in 5cm is nothing , as i keep on reminding her )
our parents even have the same style ! LOL
seriously , my dad is like her mum , and my mum is like her dad , being super friendly xp
so how can we not bond??
i remember those days when we ran away from school , going to cc , going to mcd after school dreading to go back home coz we'll be away from each other LOL
or she'll come to my house and watch " ju-on" or i'll chill out at her place

of course we argued like every other good friends did , but we still managed to hang on to each other after all these years didnt we ? *laugh

and ever since she moved to kl , we're meeting every week .
one of us will say , lets go somewhere ,
and the other will say , okay on ! what time meet where?

one of ther happiest thing is that she's a christian now ,
well , not technically as she's not properly christened but she believes in jesus and thats all it counts .
kind of pai seh that its not my influence she believed but hey !
it doesnt matters as long as she will gonna be in heaven with me , not that im saying that everyone of you out there not a christian would die and rot in hell la but im just so happy for her
welcome to our big family dear ,
and im always gonna be there for you no matter what kay ?
friendship forever !!
muah muah xoxo,

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