if only ...

March 16, 2012

have you ever wonder the ''if only'' questions ?
im sure lots of you do ,
so what's yours ?mine is ....

if only ...
i were taller ,
i were thinner #whatsnew ?
i have legs that stretch on and on i'll be so hot you have to close your eyes when i pass by LOL
i have a bigger chest , 1 bigger cup would be enough , i swear !
i came from a super rich family background ,
i was from taiwan , too far ? okay , singapore then ..
my face is super smooth with no pores like korean artistes , me hate you !
i have better fashion senses
my hair is thicker and smoother (T.T)
i'm not a pc dummy ,
i'm a single child my parents will do whatever i ask them to do *evilgrin*
i have so much cash i dont even need to look at the prices whenever i'm shopping ,
i'm so popular i wont have time to stay at home on a friday night #fml
my digest system is super active i dont have a tummy

okay there are much much more but these are what i can think of for now
shame on you ! shallow bimbo !
cheers ,

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