dig the veet !

October 10, 2012

having born into a family with hairy genes , you get what you're given , that is  hair , hair and more hair !
yes , there are some parts that looks nice with lots of hair , for example my eyelash and eyebrow , which is super thick , i don't even need an eye liner wth
BUT !! there are also excess hair where it is not welcome ! like my hands and legs and places you better not know nor vision , for your own good lol
and you know as a proper lady , we don't want excess hair on our body and yes sometimes I will get jelly seeing soft smooth hair-free skin on others and this does ruin my self confidence a teeny bit but still ......

so because of this , veet has been in our family for quite a long time ,
even though there are lots of other brands that provide products with the same effect , veet is still preferred in the brood ..
yes ! I want to know what beauty feels like !!!!

FYI , veet is a female hair removal product that has a history of 80 years , so of course you can trust them to  bring you hair-free days , well , i do !
there are different products that you can choose that best suits your skin , and hair lol
for example , hair removal cream , wax strips and shavers

we for one , preferred the wax strips because we have so much hair it grows like super fast , so you know what they say ! you must eliminate the roots for thorough clean smooth skin or is it weeds ??? @.@

it even have directions on each wax strips , so no need worry when you accidentally threw away the packaging ... yes it is as easy as 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5

so..... babai hair and hello confident sexay me !!!

with the confident veet gives me , i is can wear and do anything i want without any worries !
hello hot pants and sexy dresses , you don't scare me no more
here is me with a shirt that i no longer wear , as you can see for your eyes that it is so last season ....

here , i know you're missing my vain face ...

to make it ore wearable and i don't have to waste any more money seeing i'm on a tight budget as a poor student .. time to revamp it !!

the outcome !!! i cutted the sides and cut it shorter ...
since i'm sure you know how hot it is in malaysia .....

nais or not ?? since now the fashion is showing off the shoulder without actually showing the whole hand ...
you know what they say .... showing off a little is more sexay than taking it all off !!
nah one more of the selca me ...

so here is where my blog post ends ,
 do check out their video for more information !!

xoxo ,

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