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November 09, 2013

Ohai there! like I've mentioned earlier, I've decided to talk more about beauty tips and posts to share what I use to doll up since a few of freinds and reader have been asking
One of the best thing about blogging is about communicating with readers without geographical boundaries
and of course, sharing is caring =D
Like my post topic, I'll start off the the most basic skill in make up- eye liner
eye liner is both hard and easy at the same time, like everything, it needs practice and also about being adventurous!
Practice makes perfect, they say, and they couldn't be more true when it comes to make up

This is me after the norms- lotion, essence, moisturizer, sunblock

As you can see, I have round eyes and round eyes is more suitable for winged eyeliner, to make them look longer and of course, more mature and sexier *winks*
round eyes tend to make me look childish and younger looking, where I may appreciate it when I am 60 but not when I am in my 20's and still look like a school girl!

I like to use gel liner more compared to the others as it looks more natural and is easy to use!
Here, I will be using Maybelline's brown gel eye liner

draw according to your eye shape then pull it longer, maybe 0.5cm for longer looking eyes
Don't worry if you smudged it as it is very common lol
just use a cotton bud with eye make remover to perfect it, voila!

I normally use a liquid eye liner for the winged part to make it look sharper and last longer
Here, I am using Urban Decay's 24/7 liqiud eyeliner, available at Sephora outlets

Then use a matte brown eye shadow below the eyes for sharper looking eyes
Here, I am using my Kate brow powder lol

one koream babe coming your way!

Korean not your style? How about japanese?

Basically, I just tied my hair into buns and use my Urban Decay Liquid eye liner to draw my lower eye
and to make it more dramatic, I used it to draw some fake lower lashes too

Since the Japanese like it more dramatic, I also added Kate's brown eye shadow on my upper lids
According to occasions, you may even add a thicker shade of eyeshadow
me? I like it more natural and less dramatic

added a pink shade lipstich and that's all!

Easy as pie!
Here are the make up I used in this tutorial, a bit blur though

Who ever said that eye liner is hard? not you right? lol
Til then,


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