Taiwan Walkway

December 23, 2013

Hi there readers! Christmas is just a day away and I'm sure all of you have plans for Christmas or maybe some last minute shopping?*wink wink*
The thing is, this year is gonna end sooooooooon and I'm kind of sad because one year is gone already and I'll be older, nooooooooooooo too fast too furious! this is exactly what I feel lol

Anyways I was at the Kuchai Lama area last week and I googled nice food in Kuchai Lama and Taiwan Walker came up so I decided to give it a try 

The ambience is pretty like a Taiwan market haha I expected to walk into a foodcourt-like place but it turns out pretty comfortable and the stalls are just where they cook but you can sit there like real Taiwan or Japanese market!

The food my friend ordered, eh some fried fish set lol i totally forgot the name of it but the price is very reasonable at MYR9.90

my duck lamen with herbal soup, their mushroom and duck is plenty but the taste is just so-so

yours truly *bows*

because the lightning at my place was better I was like "come here and selfie!"

and now I can lie and say I went to Taiwan haha

and last but not least! OOTD! christmasy feel at leisure mall

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