How I met Mr. Lens

December 29, 2013

hello there once again! this will probably be my last post of the year *wipes tears*
does anyone of you feel like this year passes really really fast? maybe it's because we get older and there are more things to do more places to be, i hate getting older!
anyways, thanks to Butterfly project 

and mr.lens, 

I got to experience a new kind of contact lenses before the year ends! another resolution (trying new things) ticked off lol
Mr. Lens an online-based contact lens store thats sells 50% cheaper *throws confetti*
more money to buy more girly stuff for all of us, you know what they say- shop smart, and shopping online is always a good alternative to get cheaper stuff, read here to find out another online shopping alternative of mine!

Mr.Lens is really really easy to access, anywhere anytime from the internet and they have a wide variety of contacts to choose from, all cheaper compared to retail stores!
and on top of all of that, they have this recommend a friend and get rewarded promotion going on!

and and and! to be even more awesome, their delivery services are free in the klang valley and their service is really fast, 3 working days and voila! new contact lenses to wear, how convenient
they come in a sealed packet, which is really safe

First things first, trying out my new lens! i love how it changes me from malaysian to american lol and gave me a whole new different look

once again, thanks so soooooo much Mr. Lens for them! now, it's time to get yours!


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