from charis to charismatic

May 03, 2013

so, maybe a few of you realize my blog name has changed from the japanese charis to english charismatic
actually deep down inside I've always felt that my blog name is "ma-ma" ( normal, not outstanding in cantonese ) so I don't blame people if they chose not to read my blog ( okay, maybe a little bit )
so while I was deciding to change my blog header which was so so last season , I actually thought of a name that actually has my name in it
and yes, it actually has a meaning if not I'd name my blog charisuperb or charisawesome hahaha
okay enough with the intro...

from wikipedia, charismatic has two meanings
 (1) compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others,
 (2) a divinely conferred power or talent

from free dictionary it means possessing an extraordinary ability to attract; "a magnetic personality"

hmmm magnetic personality, i could totally get use to that!
and how more suitable for my blog???

so charismatic it is and goodbye charis lol


p/s short post cause I'm in the middle of my exam week! 

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