MHB amateur

May 17, 2013

hello there!
recently I've been so so lucky I wonder when my luckiness will run out D=
I've been busy working as a part time kindergarten which is run by my mum while doing freelance jobs
so you can imagine my exhaustion
but life is good nao but this post is not about work !

*drums roll* I am nao a member of MHB (Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers)
so what is this MHB thingy?

What is MHB?
MHB was formed in August 2010 as a platform for Malaysian bloggers to make new friends and socialize. Since then MHB has evolved to become a registered company which now provides a privilege lifestyle and extra income to our members. 
MHB has been engaged for advertorials by many brands including Panasonic, Chevrolet, Olympus, Casio Baby G, Carlsberg, Asahi, Johnnie Walker, Rimmel London, Ricoh, and many more top level lifestyle brands.

okay so I am an amateur but I'm sure being in this company will definitely help me with my blogging road and increase my efficiency as a blogger as well in recognition!

and just in case you are wondering, yes I wrote the introduction myself *laughs*
okay this is just a short post as I have things to do, movie series to watch and sleep to catch up with!
til the next post up.


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