Acer & Intel "PLAYsure Redefined" Party

May 23, 2013

was fortunate to get an invitation to nuffnang's Acer & Intel "PLAYsure Redefined" Party @Poppy garden yesterday!
should probably give myself an award since I am blogging it nao already
it was a nice change since nowadays all i do is work work work and no time to dress up and enjoy life
life is unfair for the poor D=

asked eve to be my plus one and PARTAY, here we come!

it was at 6.30pm and whyyyyyyyyyy the jam! gps told me i could be there in 30 minutes but in the end reached only after 1 hour plus
i love kl and everything but the jam is just TOO MUCH

in the end reached only around 8 and most of the people were there already
the staff were very nice though! keep offering us drinks and I slurp them down like I just came from the desert lol

the superb surroundings!

they gave us the glow-in-the-dark bangles as entrance ticket heehee
us showing them off!

this was taken with my Iphone T.T
forgive me for the bad quality, though Iphone's front camera is love

when you are camwhore- and fun-deprived, you take one hundred pictures in one night =DD
so don't say I never warn you

eve's #OOTN

mine #OOTD

 the food! which was "mama" ( normal )

the mushroom soup was awesome though! made up for the other food =D

the stage with the different Acer products

 brought to you by Acer & Intel

the fun-nest moment of the night! PHOTOBOOTH!!
they had different props for us to choose too, how awesome is this
in fact, we can send one copy to our email and one printed on the spot

literally, cheers,

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