four hours

May 31, 2013

It may seem a long time yet at the same time short, depending on the situation, that is
four hours may seem long when... are waiting to meet your love one
...something exciting is going on in four hours time are in an exam have nothing to do are working are going to ask the special someone a surprise and ask her/him to marry u! are getting married

*sigh always the romantic that's me

or four hours is short when... are meeting the loved one are in a gossip session with BBFs
...exam is in four hours time!
...assignments are due and you as usual, is doing last minute work is your sleep time
which is what this whole crap is about
p/s: forgive me if this is the view of a bimbo

you see,
le BBF from ipoh came and insist to watch the midnight FF6 and how to say no when she drove 3 hours to meet you??! TELL MEEEEEEEEE
so midnight show, here we come and i iz left 4 hours to sleep before work, which is totally in contrast to my motto- sleep at least half the day T.T
here is your answer to the question "what is with the eyebags"

and after work, I am indirectly still working since a good host never ever leave her guest unattended haha
we went to klcc for lunch and had it at one of my favorite restaurant- kiki aka fong lye
it is practically empty since
one, it is way past lunch time, at four pm
two, it is on a weekday
trust me when i say you have to actually line up just to have dinner or lunch at this restaurant on weekends

the food!
this is her first time here so she was shocked since the price is super reasonable ( in kl ) and the set meal is quite large in size! and also yummy of course
this is the spicy fried chicken set she ordered, drinks excluded

my steam fish in soya sauce and pineapple

me with the super cute cup LOL
try to see past the eyebags and notice the cute girl behind it D=

last vain picture of me

and that's all for now!

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