Mary Kay Makeover contest

May 05, 2013

hiya there!
have you heard about Mary Kay cosmetics?
well I have and I am always amazed by the make up of their models which is so elegant yet looks natural
Mary Kay started 50 years ago which is almost the year my mum was born haha
so you can imagine how establish they are and how experience they are in the cosmetics!
and and and ! Mary Kay is now having a "One Woman Can" makeover contest and 5 winners will get to go on an all-expense-paid trip to Hong Kong to join Asia Pacific Regional Finale Contest !!

all you have to do is either get a beauty consultant and upload a picture of yourself
obviously the before and after ones to see the diferrence and that's all !
you can not only get a chance to go to Hong Kong for FREE, the fun of having a makeover is also there

 you can also get a virtual makeover online so that is what I did to save all the trouble of going to meet beauty consultant at their counter, and it is my exam week so you know why I wasn't all that enthusiastic

they have tips on how to take a good photo so follow their instructions to avoid any hassles
i understand the frustration when something bad happens when you are in the mood to do that special something don't ya ?

hahaha and tadah! I'm good to go to a wedding, my wedding that is lol
but see how nice i look ya? without their cosmetics I doubt I'll be looking this good

so, just upload the picture you had and wait for your winning email! hahaha
so whatchuwaitinfor?
go on to for more info and also to join the contest
fast fast fast contest ends on the 8th of May 2013

charisnk aka charismatic charis LOL

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