the day my lashes weren't all mine

May 15, 2013

Truth to be told, me and le sis had always been proud of our lashes since we've been complimented on them from young
and imagine people have asked us whether we have had eyeliner on or whether we had mascara on and when we said no and no, our eyes are, I quote "so darn pretty!"
okay so this is how i look without eyeliner or mascara or eyeshadow

well.....that was until the existence of fake eyelashes

no more are there any compliments about our lashes and no more darn-pretties
until then we still refuse to add into the craze of fake lashes and i even went to a photoshoot with no fake lashes on... *laughs at young me*

I bet the photographer must have smirk inside and not believing that there people like me around but still have to do a photoshoot of me out of courtesy hahaha

so, i have had two of them in my whole life, yes TWO as in one two and no three lol
the first one was on my birthday last year, with my not so good complexion then.

ignore the other leg it belongs to a person

and then the other day, believe or not, when i wore one to a freelancer job interview

and it dropped halfway. LOL.
anyways that was my experience with fake eyelashes til now and even now i still refuse to wear fake fake eyelash and only wore natural looking ones

oh this is when i had to pull them out when I was out. haha the things i shamelessly do
that was what my cliche post title was about and guess what?
one more braver attempt when i wear a not-so-natural fake eyelash tomorrow for work!
til then,


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