Acer Aspire P3 Convertible Ultrabook™

May 11, 2013

technology is advancing rapidly and we humans are nao inseparable from them
don't believe? feel that I'm exaggerating?
answer these questions and find out!
1. Do you carry your mobile phone EVERYWHERE? even in the loo when you have business to do?
2. Do you need to update your social media constantly? like instagram, facebook, twitter, blog?
3. Can you live when you have no data, no wifi, away from civilisation?? 

if your answer is yes yes and yes! ta dah! see what I mean?
I'm sure every young adult over 18 has their own laptop be it for work or study
the point is, without a laptop you may as well cut off your hands haha no, seriously.
me with my lappie! 

one of the well known laptop brand is acer and FYI
Acer has been here even long before we were born! for 90s babies that is
founded in 1976, Acer made their goal of breaking the barriers between people and technology.
awesome, no?
Acer also make sure that their designs are environmentally friendly via a green supply chain in collaboration with vendors.
so if you are an environmentalist, no problem! Acer is the brand for you

Now, acer introduced their newest technology, calling it the “world’s first Ultrabook convertible.”
 it is an Ultrabook™. Inspired by Intel. and with Intel, you can't get it wrong

View this video for more info and get into the craze for it!

at first I thought it was some kind of action movie haha because of the helicopter
I mean, every action movie has a helicopter in it did u notice? the scene I liked most was when the person asking him "Does that thing ever get out of battery?" LOL laughed like hell at it
in conclusion, with it, everybody can be a somebody

Unlike our normal laptops, you can flip and switch it to make it into a tab or a laptop
imagine how cool it will be to impress people with an ultraportable laptop like that
instead of carrying your heavy bulky laptop with its ugly laptop bag oh remember your battery and charger

hearing it is enough to motivate one to purchase the Acer Aspire P3 Convertible Ultrabook™
no more looking like aunties with unflattering bags

not only that! it is Detachable anTouch Centric, making it so much easier to multitask
hey we ARE the Y generation,
without multitasking we may as well be doing nothing
my normal way is to multitask at least three things, for example, facebook while listening to my kuwo, sight shopping on the net and editing pictures maybe haha
imagine everything at the tip of my fingers

haha just kidding.
for more, head on to their website for the specs for guys and color selection for the girls


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