so you'll know I'm alive

May 28, 2013

a short update !
i dunno about you guys but whenever i read nice blogs i get a little motivated to blog also haha
I have a wierd habit of reading them before heading to bed then dream that I'm BFF with the bloggers I just read the night before HAHAHA wierd people have wierd dreams, that is what my friends say

here's a #OOTD of last week (weak attempt to cover up the fact that I have run out of topic to blog lol)
i know this is way outdated but i still have this love for sweaters hung at the shoulders
and come on, it is summer! u really couldn't ignore this fact when it is freaking 40 degrees out there!
*dash for a quick bath for the fifth time*
so thus the bright colours =D

tie it up and tadah I iz a foreigner! lol though who will i be fooling except myself? haha

will try to find more decent blog titles to blog about D=
boring ol' me

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