ootd post

April 29, 2013

well, if you followed me on insta, you'll probably be bored of my face already
so, just in case you're not a follower I have to sort of get you bored too so you'd be more appreciative when i post non-face post, which is rarely hahaha
what, i promised to update more and this is all I have for now!

floral jumper from nichii with grey sweater I've had forever
oh and me attempting to be cute *puke

forever alone in class
tee from somewhere and turquiose jeans from uniqlo, leopard flats from thailand fair

pink long sleeve top from h&m with one-&-only love printed shorts from fittingloom , read here if you haven't read cause you're missing something totally Fabulous

Short sleeve black dress from h&m and mint cardigan from cotton on with zara black sling purse
oh red suede shoes from nile !
boight some shoes from them and all is love with super cheap price! will blog about them later

okay that's all for today!

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