land of the eagle

April 26, 2013

hey there readers ! am feeling a teeny bit of shamefulness seeing i never updated in more than one month
but seeing my traffic counter still increasing i shall reward u to a updated overdued post lol
seeing i just got all the pics from my babe's dslr i am considered quite responsible i secretly guess? haha

well, my babe n I have never, yes, never been on a trip together since we met and became instant best friends so we decided to drag our boyfies together on a trip to langkawi since with only the two of us, it is highly dangerous and we will seem pathetic haha
so the four of us it is! to the land of eagles! erm, its langkawi in case u have bad geographical sense like me

since it's been a few months back, but definitely still this year! don't insult me
i can't recall all the places name so i shall just keep quiet while u scroll down D=

ok this is definitely took when we went island hopping
me with my 100plus and them with thier shandy *shamelessness
i won't blame people when they think that my babe and le boyfies were taking their younger sister on holiday =.=

group shot !

just in case you were wondering, we were trying to take the jumping mid air shot? but failed terribly
but it was a good laugh, as u can see! hahahaa

erm, don't ask

imitating the penguins, can't u see? this is at the aquarium

it's an island, so here's your share of the blue sky and never ending sea!

so here's an end to the post! hopefully i can motivate my self to update more frequently lol
exams is next week so maybe after exams? fingers crossed!


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