Happy bday love !

March 12, 2013

hello there ! seeing my title you'd probbly know that's it's someone's bday !
and deng deng deng it's actually the boyfie's erm 18th bday hahaha not gonna betray his age as well lol

went to the area around bukit bintang for his celebration and yes , in case you're wondering , it's just me and him because we prefer to celebrate our bday's with each other ,
in other words , we are both anti-social hahaha
so , we had our brunch at coffee club at the bukit bintang walkway which is very westernized and i love the surroundings and the lighting is so nice !

hiya it's me again !

le boyfie with his stupid slotomania =.=

happy bday loverboy !

food time ! boyfie's brunch is meef mania sandwich which is a lil bit spicy for my liking
what , of coz i tried them !

my club sandwich ! I look so petite here lol even the plate looks larger than me haha

ta dah ! his bday pressie from me !

this is his 3rd bday we are celebrating together ! hope I will get to celebrate it with you for the years to come
the end .

xoxo ,

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